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In September, 2005, Periwinkle Dynamo Sue accompanied us (Larry and Val) on a trip to southwestern Colorado. At almost 2 years of age, she had not yet seen much of the United States and had been pestering us to take her somewhere more exotic than central Texas. Since she enjoys cool temperatures, hikes, and climbing on rocks, Colorado seemed a perfect destination. The trip more than lived up to expectations.

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First Hike

Suspicious Rock

Old Mine

Testing the Water

Chasing Chipmunks

Good View

Better View

It Was a Long Hike

Swim Time

Snack Time

Running Free

Next Long Hike


Suspicious Sign

Crater Lake

The Return Trip

Yet Another Hike

Worth the View

Snoopin' Around

Needs Cleaning

Let's Keep Going

Move Over, Trout

Where Are the Beavers?

Don't Shoot Me!

I Found Him

Dog's-Eye View

Rest Time

Worn Out

Ready for Next Time

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