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Although Austin had been experiencing warm spring days, this morning was chilly due to a cold front that arrived the previous night. There were very few moths that had been lured to lights but the sunshine brought out more insects as the morning progressed, especially on the trails. Foliage is now growing rapidly and herbivorous insects are more numerous, especially on the red oaks. We had a group of five participants this time, but nobody with much birding expertise.

Select Photos and Complete List of Sightings:

Spodoptera ornithogalli (yellow-striped armyworm)
photo by Val Bugh

Enallagma civile (familiar bluet, female)
photo by Val Bugh

Ptosima laeta (redbud borer)
photo by Val Bugh

Thorybes pylades (northern cloudywing)
photo by Val Bugh

Unknown sp. (dance fly)
photo by Val Bugh

Psychomorpha epimenis (grapevine epimenis larvae)
photo by Val Bugh

Eritettix abortivus (Texas short-winged slant-faced grasshopper)
photo by Val Bugh

Unknown sp. (long-legged fly)
photo by Val Bugh

Malthinus occipitalis (soldier beetle, 3.5 mm long)
photo by Val Bugh

Leucage venusta (orchard spider)
photo by Val Bugh

Unknown sp. (common sawfly larva)
photo by Val Bugh

Pediodectes nigromarginatus (black-margined shieldback nymph)
photo by Val Bugh

Thamnophis proximus (redstripe ribbon snake)
photo by Val Bugh

Lycia ypsilon (woolly gray larva)
photo by Val Bugh

  • Birds:
    Bewick's Wren (Thryomanes bewickii) nest with young
    Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
    Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)
    Turkey Vulture (Carthartes aura)
    White-eyed Vireo (Vireo griseus)

  • Reptiles:
    Redstripe Ribbon Snake (Thamnophis proximus)

  • Insects & Spiders:
    orderfamilygenus/speciescommon name

    lepidoptera  lycaenidae  Callophrys gryneus  Juniper Hairstreak
      nymphalidae  Vanessa atalanta  Red Admiral
        Euptoieta claudia  Variegated Fritillary
      papilionidae  Papilio polyxenes  Black Swallowtail
      hesperiidae  Pyrgus communis/albescens  Common/White Checkered-skipper
        Erynnis funeralis  Funereal Duskywing
        Thorybes pylades  Northern Cloudywing
      noctuidae  Psychomorpha epimenis  Grapevine Epimenis (larva)
        Spodoptera ornithogalli  Yellow-striped Armyworm (larva)
      megalopygidae  Megalopyge opercularis  Southern Flannel Moth (cocoon)
      geometridae  Lycia ypsilon  Woolly Gray (larva)
      crambidae  Udea rubigalis  Celery Leaftier
        Urola nivalis  Snowy Urola

    odonata  libellulidae  Sympetrum corruptum  Variegated Meadowhawk
      coenagrionidae  Ischnura ramburii  Rambur's Forktail
        Ischnura hastata  Citrine Forktail
        Enallagma civile  Familiar Bluet

    diptera  tipulidae  Tipula sp.  Crane Fly
      tephritidae  Neotephritis finalis  Fruit Fly
      empididae  Unknown sp.  Dance Fly
      anthomyiidae  Unknown sp.  Root Maggot Fly
      sarcophagidae  Unknown sp.  Flesh Fly
      scathophagidae  Unknown sp.  Dung Fly
      dolichopodidae  Unknown sp.  Long-legged Fly

    coleoptera  chrysomelidae  Diabrotica undecimpunctata  Spotted Cucumber Beetle
      coccinellidae  Cycloneda munda  Ladybird Beetle
        Hippodamia convergens  Convergent Ladybird Beetle
      buprestidae  Ptosima laeta  Redbud Borer
      cantharidae  Malthinus occipitalis  Soldier Beetle
      curculionidae  Epicaerus sp.  Broad-nosed Weevil

    hemiptera  miridae  Lopidea major  Plant Bug nymph
      coreidae  Narnia femorata  Cactus Bug

    homoptera  aphidae  Unknown sp.  Aphid
      coccidae  Unknown sp.  Scale Insect

    hymenoptera  tenthredinidae  Unknown sp.  Common Sawfly (larva)
      apidae  Apis mellifera  Honey Bee

    orthoptera  acrididae  Chortophaga viridifasciata  Northern Green-striped Grasshopper
        Eritettix abortivus  Texas Short-winged Slant-faced Grasshopper
      tettigoniidae  Pediodectes nigromarginatus  Black-margined Shieldback (nymph)
        Dichopetala catinata  Spoon-tailed Short-winged Katydid (nymph)

    araneae  linyphiidae  Neriene radiata  Filmy Dome Spider
      tetragnathidae  Leucauge venusta  Orchard Spider

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