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A team of six volunteers conducted this week's survey on a very cold, VERY windy and mostly cloudy morning. We have two species of Aedes mosquitoes in this area. Although both are marked with black and white, they can be identified by the different patterns on the thorax (body part right behind the head). A comparison is shown below.

Select Photos and Complete List of Sightings:

Mimus polyglottos (...and a mockingbird in a fir tree)
photo by Barbara Ribble

Danaus gilippus (queen)
photo by Dan Zinn

Agraulis vanillae (gulf fritillary)
photo by Harriett Wolf

Hemiargus isola (Reakirt's blue)
photo by Val Bugh

Coxina cinctipalpis (black-waved owlet)
photo by Barbara Ribble

Eupithecia miserulata (common eupithecia)
photo by Val Bugh

Uresiphita reversalis (genista caterpillar)
photo by Val Bugh

Danaus gilippus (queen pupa)
photo by Val Bugh

Brochymena sp. (rough stink bug)
photo by Val Bugh

Chrysolina auripennis (leaf beetle)
photo by Val Bugh

Aedes albopictus & Aedes aegypti (Asian tiger mosquito & yellow-fever mosquito)
photo by Val Bugh

Euxesta sp. (picture-winged fly)
photo by Val Bugh

Orphulella speciosa (pasture grasshopper)
photo by Val Bugh

Pseudosermyle strigata (walking stick)
photo by Val Bugh

Chrysoperla sp. (green lacewing)
photo by Val Bugh

Aniulus sp. (julid millipede)
photo by Val Bugh

Unknown sp. (stone centipede)
photo by Val Bugh

Dalquestia formosa (Halloween harvestman)
photo by Val Bugh

Leiobunum sp. (harvestman)
photo by Val Bugh

  • Birds:
    Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus)
    Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)
    Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)
    Turkey Vulture (Carthartes aura)

  • Mammals:
    Eastern Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger)
    Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)

  • Misc.:
    Harvestman (Leiobunum sp.)
    Halloween Harvestman (Dalquestia formosa)
    Julid Millipede (Aniulus sp.)
    Polydesmid Millipede (Eurymerodesmus sp.)
    Stone Centipede (Unknown sp.)

  • Insects & Spiders:
    orderfamilygenus/speciescommon name

    lepidoptera  nymphalidae  Agraulis vanillae  Gulf Fritillary
        Danaus gilippus  Queen (adult & pupa)
      lycaenidae  Hemiargus isola  Reakirt's Blue
      erebidae  Coxina cinctipalpis  Black-waved Owlet
      arctiidae  Pareuchaetes insulata  Yellow-winged Pareuchaetes
        Estigmene acrea  Saltmarsh Caterpillar (larva)
      geometridae  Tornos scolopacinaria  Dimorphic Gray
        Eupithecia miserulata  Common Eupithecia
        Iridopsis defectaria  Brown-shaded Gray Moth
        Rindgea disparcata  Moth
        Pleuroprucha insulsaria  Common Tan Wave
      crambidae  Nomophila nearctica  Lucerne Moth
        Uresiphita reversalis  Genista Caterpillar (larva)

    coleoptera  coccinellidae  Harmonia axyridis  Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle
      chrysomelidae  Diabrotica undecimpunctata  Spotted Cucumber Beetle
        Chrysolina auripennis  Leaf Beetle
      tenebrionidae  Eleodes goryi  Darkling Beetle
      trogidae  Trox sp.  Hide Beetle

    hemiptera  coreidae  Leptoglossus phyllopus  Eastern Leaf-footed Bug
      rhyparochromidae  Perigenes similis  Seed Bug
      pentatomidae  Brochymena sp.  Rough Stink Bug

    homoptera  cicadellidae  Gyponana sp.  Leafhopper
      cercopidae  Lepyronia quadrangularis  Spittlebug

    hymenoptera  vespidae  Polistes exclamans  Paper Wasp
      formicidae  Solenopsis invicta  Imported Fire Ant

    diptera  culicidae  Aedes aegypti  Yellow-fever Mosquito
        Aedes albopictus  Asian Tiger Mosquito
      psychodidae  Clogmia albipunctata  Moth Fly
      ulidiidae  Euxesta sp.  Picture-winged Fly

    orthoptera  acrididae  Melanoplus bispinosus  Two-spined Spur-throated Grasshopper
        Chortophaga viridifasciata  Northern Green-striped Grasshopper
        Schistocerca nitens  Gray Bird Grasshopper (adult & nymph)
        Eritettix abortivus  Texas Short-winged Slant-faced Grasshopper
        Orphulella speciosa  Pasture Grasshopper
      gryllidae  Gryllus sp.  Field Cricket (nymph)

    phasmatodea  diapheromeridae  Pseudosermyle strigata  Walking Stick

    neuroptera  chrysopidae  Chrysoperla sp.  Green Lacewing

    araneae  pholcidae  Crossopriza lyoni  Cellar Spider

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