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This morning dawned cool, sunny and breezy, which delighted our party of seven. The odd color of the leaf-footed bug nymph shown below is due to its having just molted. It will turn brown within an hour. A highlight was finding a dryinid wasp (the wingless female is an ant mimic) laying her eggs into a paralyzed leafhopper. Due to the small size of the subjects and the limits of our eyesight, we thought at first that the wasp was eating the leafhopper! Upon magnification, the true story was more obvious.

Select Photos and Complete List of Sightings:

Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito)
photo by Val Bugh

Villa sp. (bee fly)
photo by Val Bugh

Copestylum tamaulipanum (flower fly)
photo by Val Bugh

Acrolophus cressoni (tubeworm moth)
photo by Val Bugh

Tarache phecolisca (moth)
photo by Val Bugh

Sparganothis diluticostana (spring dead-leaf roller moth)
photo by Val Bugh

Systasea pulverulenta (Texas powdered-skipper, larva)
photo by Val Bugh

Copaeodes aurantiaca (orange skipperling)
photo by Val Bugh

Brachynemurus sp. (antlion)
photo by Val Bugh

Apiomerus spissipes (bee assassin in hunting mode)
photo by Val Bugh

Leptoglossus sp. (leaf-footed bug, nymph, just molted)
photo by Val Bugh

Gerstaeckeria sp. (weevil)
photo by Val Bugh

Strangalia virilis (flower longhorn)
photo by Val Bugh

Trichiotinus texanus (rear-end view of Texas flower scarab)
photo by Val Bugh

Unknown sp. (digger bee)
photo by Val Bugh

Unknown sp. (dryinid wasp ovipositing in leafhopper)
photo by Val Bugh

Rabidosa rabida (rabid wolf spider)
photo by Val Bugh

Trachemys scripta elegans (red-eared slider)
photo by Val Bugh

Chrysemys picta (painted turtle)
photo by Val Bugh

  • Birds:
    Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica)
    Bewick's Wren (Thryomanes bewickii)
    Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus)
    Black-chinned Hummingbird (Archilochus alexandri)
    Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)
    Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater)
    Carolina Chickadee (Poecile carolinensis)
    Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus)
    Eastern Phoebe (Sayornis phoebe)
    European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)
    Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus)
    House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)
    Lesser Goldfinch (Spinus psaltria)
    Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)
    Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
    Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)
    Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris)
    Titmouse (Baeolophus sp.)
    Western Scrub-jay (Aphelocoma californica)
    White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica)
    Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus)

  • Mammals:
    Hispid Cotton Rat (Sigmodon hispidus), dead
    Eastern Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger)
    Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)
    White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

  • Reptiles:
    Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta)
    Red-eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)

  • Misc.:
    Pillbug (Armadillidium vulgare)
    Harvestman (Unknown sp.)
    Flat-backed Millipede (Unknown sp.)

  • Insects & Spiders:
    orderfamilygenus/speciescommon name

    lepidoptera  nymphalidae  Danaus gilippus  Queen
        Danaus plexippus  Monarch
        Phyciodes texana  Texan Crescent
      papilionidae  Papilio glaucus  Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
      lycaenidae  Hemiargus isola  Reakirt's Blue
        Leptotes marina  Marine Blue
      pieridae  Eurema nicippe  Sleepy Orange
        Colias cesonia  Southern Dogface
      hesperiidae  Hylephila phyleus  Fiery Skipper
        Copaeodes aurantiaca  Orange Skipperling
        Atalopedes campestris  Sachem
        Euphyes vestris  Dun Skipper
        Epargyreus clarus  Silver-spotted Skipper
        Systasea pulverulenta  Texas Powdered-skipper (larva)
        Erynnis horatius  Horace's Duskywing
        Erynnis funeralis  Funereal Duskywing
      noctuidae  Cydosia aurivitta  Straight-lined Cydosia
        Tripudia quadrifera  Moth
        Ponometia candefacta  Olive-shaded Bird Dropping Moth
        Tarache phecolisca  Moth
      arctiidae  Hypoprepia miniata  Scarlet-winged Lichen Moth
      saturniidae  Hyalophora cecropia  Cecropia Moth (larva & cocoon)
      geometridae  Digrammia californiaria  Moth
        Macaria aequiferaria  Woody Angle
        Glenoides texanaria  Texas Gray Moth
        Pimaphera percata  Moth
      crambidae  Aethiophysa lentiflualis  Moth
        Glaphyria sequistrialis  White-roped Glaphyria
        Pyrausta inornatalis  Inornate Pyrausta Moth
      pyralidae  Peoria tetradella  Grass-veneer Moth
        Ephestiodes sp.  Moth
        Salebriaria pumilella  Moth
      tortricidae  Sparganothis diluticostana  Spring Dead-leaf Roller Moth
      acrolophidae  Acrolophus texanella  Texas Tubeworm Moth
        Acrolophus cressoni  Tubeworm Moth
      zygaenidae  Harrisina coracina  Grapeleaf Skeletonizer Moth
        Acoloithus novaricus  False Skeletonizer (larva)
      coleophoridae  Mompha sp.  Moth
        Blastobasis sp.  Moth
      oecophoridae  Inga sparsiciliella  Black-marked Inga
      gelechiidae  Isophrictis similiella  Moth

    coleoptera  chrysomelidae  Asphaera lustrans  Flea Beetle
        Donacia sp.  Aquatic Leaf Beetle
      coccinellidae  Hippodamia convergens  Convergent Ladybird
        Harmonia axyridis  Multicolored Asian Ladybird
        Olla v-nigrum  Ashy Gray Ladybird
      cerambycidae  Moneilema armatum  Cactus Longhorn
        Strangalia virilis  Flower Longhorn
      buprestidae  Acmaeodera ornatoides  Metallic Woodborer
      scarabaeidae  Trichiotinus texanus  Texas Flower Scarab
        Euphoria kernii  Flower Scarab
        Diplotaxis sp.  Scarab
      tenebrionidae  Eleodes goryi  Darkling Beetle
      attelabidae  Homoeolabus analis  Oak Leaf Roller (larva)
      anthribidae  Trigonorhinus limbatus  Fungus Weevil
      curculionidae  Sitona californius  Broad-nosed Weevil
        Cylindrocopturus sp.  Weevil
        Gerstaeckeria sp.  Weevil

    hemiptera  coreidae  Acanthocephala terminalis  Coreid Bug (adult & nymph)
        Leptoglossus sp.  Leaf-footed Bug (nymph)
        Leptoglossus phyllopus  Eastern Leaf-footed Bug
        Chelinidea vittiger  Opuntia Bug (adult & nymph)
        Hypselonotus punctiventris  Coreid Bug
      lygaeidae  Nysius sp.  False Chinch Bug (adult & nymph)
      rhyparochromidae  Ozophora picturata  Seed Bug
      rhopalidae  Jadera haematoloma  Red-shouldered Bug
        Arhyssus sp.  Scentless Plant Bug
      miridae  Phytocoris sp.  Plant Bug
      reduviidae  Apiomerus spissipes  Bee Assassin
        Zelus renardii  Assassin Bug (nymph)
      pentatomidae  Euschistus servus  Brown Stink Bug
        Banasa dimiata  Stink Bug

    homoptera  cicadellidae  Homalodisca vitripennis  Glassy-winged Sharpshooter
        Gyponana sp.  Leafhopper
      acanaloniidae  Acanalonia conica  Planthopper
      cercopidae  Lepyronia quadrangularis  Spittlebug
        Clastoptera sp.  Spittlebug

    hymenoptera  apidae  Apis mellifera  Honey Bee
        Unknown sp.  Digger Bee
        Anthophora abrupta  Digger Bee
        Xylocopa virginica  Eastern Carpenter Bee
      halictidae  Unknown sp.  Green Sweat Bee
        Unknown sp.  Sweat Bee
      megachilidae  Megachile sp.  Leaf-cutter Bee
        Lithurgus sp.  Leaf-cutter Bee
        Stelis sp.  Bee
        Anthidiellum sp.  Bee
      vespidae  Polistes metricus  Paper Wasp
        Polistes carolina  Red Wasp
        Polistes sp.  Paper Wasp
        Vespula squamosa  Southern Yellowjacket (queen)
      sphecidae  Prionyx sp.  Thread-waisted Wasp
        Ammophila sp.  Thread-waisted Wasp
        Sphex ichneumoneus  Great Golden Digger Wasp
        Chalybion sp.  Blue Mud Dauber
      dryinidae  Unknown sp.  Dryinid Wasp

    diptera  syrphidae  Palpada furcata  Flower Fly
        Copestylum tamaulipanum  Flower Fly
        Copestylum mexicana  Black Flower Fly
        Copestylum marginatum  Flower Fly
      bombyliidae  Villa sp.  Bee Fly
      asilidae  Atomosia sp.  Robber Fly
      culicidae  Aedes albopictus  Asian Tiger Mosquito
      calliphoridae  Lucilia sp.  Blow Fly
      tachinidae  Unknown sp.  Tachinid Fly

    odonata  coenagrionidae  Ischnura ramburii  Rambur's Forktail
        Argia fumipennis  Variable Dancer
      libellulidae  Libellula croceipennis  Neon Skimmer
        Erythemis simplicicollis  Eastern Pondhawk
        Tramea sp.  Saddlebags
        Pachydiplax longipennis  Blue Dasher

    orthoptera  acrididae  Melanoplus sp.  Spur-throated Grasshopper (nymph)
        Melanoplus ponderosus  Ponderous Grasshopper (nymph)
      gryllidae  Oecanthus sp.  Tree Cricket (nymph)

    neuroptera  myrmeleontidae  Brachynemurus sp.  Antlion
      ascalaphidae  Ululodes macleayanus  Owlfly

    araneae  salticidae  Phidippus audax  Bold Jumper
        Phidippus carolinensis  Carolina Jumper
        Phidippus arizonensis  Arizona Jumper
      araneidae  Argiope aurantia  Black and Yellow Garden Spider
      thomisidae  Mecaphesa sp.  Crab Spider
      lycosidae  Rabidosa rabida  Rabid Wolf Spider

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