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Phasmatodea ~ Stick Insects

Unmistakable in their twig mimicry, stick insects, or walkingsticks, are easily recognized, although they may be difficult to find because of their camouflage.

Stick insects have chewing mouthparts and both adults and nymphs are vegetarian.

The species in our area are all wingless.

This order develops through simple, or incomplete, metamorphosis: nymphs go through six or seven stages before they become adults. Usually solitary and not common, nymphs and adults are only occasionally found near one another.

Size ranges from medium to very large. The longest species, though very slender, reaches 125 mm in length.

With only two families and a handful of species, all of which are rather large, the members of this order are not difficult to identify.

These are the Families of Phasmatodea (stick insects) likely to be encountered in Austin, Texas:



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