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June, 2009


Although I have suggested many websites, I have seldom been as enthusiastic about one as I am about "Choose to Save." As readers might have noticed, I am a proponent of the saving habit and feel strongly it has great advantages over the alternative, especially if begun early. So I have in various ways for years been advocating this approach to financial health and thus am quite pleased to note several of the ideas I had been espousing have been incorporated into the easy to use "Choose to Save" website.

In addition, the site has all sorts of related links I encourage readers to check out as well. For instance, want to know your life expectancy? I took a doctor's handy calculator, available on "Choose to Save," answered it conservatively, and was surprised to learn I might live another 25 or so years, even a bit more if I just cut out all caffeine and sweets, but... well... hmm.

Anyway, at "Choose to Save," one might also find out a Ballpark Estimate of whether or not one will likely have the resources to retire by a chosen age, or to remain retired well (without undo financial stress) if already outside the traditional world of work. Hint: it may take more savings than you think. Yet the good news is that, with strategies cited at "Choose to Save," one might find it is easier than expected to set aside and accumulate all that is sought, again, particularly if beginning relatively young. This is not to say we are beyond redemption if the saving habit is acquired later in life. No, for us too, for I had fit into that category, there is still reason for hope.

If I have not yet hooked you, how about this intriguing "Choose to Save" link: How Long Should I Keep a Vehicle??

Other cool, interesting, and/or beneficial links are also accessible at "Choose to Save." Please do yourself a favor, then, and check out this neat site, add it to your favorites, and review its offerings from time to time. Not wanting to overly-hype "Choose to Save," I shall merely say that, for a few and in certain circumstances, it could mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and no retirement at all.


Larry is not a professional. Don't take him seriously!

Actually, the investment article provided here is for general information only and should not be considered as professional advice, a solicitation to buy or sell any security, or the Word of God. Investors are encouraged to do their own research while considering their personal goals and circumstances, or consult their own professional financial advisors, before making investment decisions. Neither Larry nor LARVALBUG will be liable for any losses sustained by any visitor to this site.

(Disclosure statement: Larry and Val have holdings in some of the suggested assets but do not "make a market" in any of them and do not derive any direct benefit from recommending them, except perhaps for a bit of smug self-satisfaction.)

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