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February, 2005


The statistics are now in for the ten year total returns on thousands of stock mutual funds, through 12/31/04. I have sifted among them for some of the best no load or low load funds available (not closed to new investors), based on risk, year-to-date return (through 2/1/05), expense ratio, five-year record (through 2004), and/or the ten-year returns.

While it is important to remember that past results to do not assure future returns, and there is more that goes into a selection of a fund than compound annual returns alone, the table shows ten funds that I think merit investor consideration, ranked in descending order of long-term performance.

I am personally most impressed with the overall record of the Mairs and Power Growth Fund, which has accomplished superior YTD, five-year, and ten-year returns (a compound annual total return of over 18%) while maintaining a quite reasonable expense ratio and a relatively low risk level.

FundSymbolToll Free No.10-Yr.
Annual Return
Annual Return
Year-to-Date ReturnExpense Ratio %Historical Risk Level
Vanguard Health Care Fund Inv.VGHCX800-662-744720.16%12.95%-1.66%0.23Average to High
Legg Mason Value TrustLMVTX800-822-554418.58%1.88%-3.27%1.69Average to High
Muhlenkamp FundMUHLX800-860-386318.28%15.13%+0.34%1.13Average to High
Weitz Partners Value FundWPVLX800-232-416118.04%7.51%-2.34%1.13Low
Mairs and Power Growth FundMPGFX800-304-740418.03%13.02%-1.56%0.36Low
Royce Low Priced Stock FundRYLPX800-221-426817.63%16.26%-3.72%1.49Average to High
Excelsior Value and RestructuringUMBIX800-881-935817.43%6.55%-2.00%0.99Average to High
Neuberger Berman Genesis TrustNBGEX800-461-189917.10%17.59%-1.08%1.10Low to Very Low
Columbia Small Cap FundSMCEX800-426-375017.00%15.71%-2.02%0.90Low to Average
Ariel Appreciation FundCAAPX800-292-743516.15%12.90%-2.94%1.15Low to Average

(data per American Association of Individual Investors)


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