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January, 2001


Last year's generally negative results for the stock market brought a good many issues into bargain territory and also ushered in a time when investors are somewhat more concerned with traditional value criteria than momentum growth stock measures, in picking their new share purchases. The following five New Year's nuggets may be found attractive for those with patience. Each of them meets at least one set of Benjamin Graham's classic, conservative standards for good equity buys. True to the norm for this type of bottom fishing, each appears to have some current "problem," that makes it uninviting for those without a contrarian perspective. Yet, on average, over the long-term this type stock performs significantly better than the major market averages. All of the suggested assets carry an average or better safety rating from Value Line (1/19/01 update).

Stock Blair Corp. National Presto Ind. Angelica Corp. Standard Motor Prod. Bassett Furniture
Recent Price $20 $32 $9 3/4 $8 7/16 $11
Price to Net Working Capital* 93% 99% 257% 267% 271%
P/E Ratio* 6.6 10.9 10.5 6.8 8.3
Price to Book Value* 67% 91% 50% 52% 48%
Est'd. Yield* 3.2% 6.9% 3.3% 4.3% 7.6%
3-5 Yr. Target Price Increase* 50-125% 40-90% 75-155% 315-495% 35-125%

(*Source: "The Value Line Investment Survey Online," 1/19/01.)


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