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These drawings were done with several different colored metallic gel pens on black construction paper. Since they are illustrative in nature, the short captions below each picture are in the style of imaginary childrens' books. The title of this page refers to the black-background style of the art and not to the actual habits of the animals depicted.

...and the gossamer winged damselfly
floated daintily on the whispering breeze.

The golden gar sliced through the black water
of the primeval swamp.

It looked sort of soft and fuzzy.
But the bristleworm had a secret weapon: those glasslike spines
were tipped with poison of a most painful kind.

The iceberg-blue crayfish lived amidst the pebbles
in a shimmering creek.

...there was a charming lizard, eyeing Victoria curiously
as though he'd been watching her all along.

With golden jaws and steel legs, the beetle scurried along,
intent on hunting down his prey.

Slipping between coral branches,
the seasnake slithered rapidly through the reef.

As the terrapin strolled along, he thought very calm, methodical thoughts.
No need to hurry, he mused.

Night Creatures / Main Page / Art Index