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Since this is Frisky's section, and Frisky is, of course, partial to canines, especially of her species, the Rhodesian ridgebacks get a special page. This breed originated in South Africa and was imported to Zimbabwe (then called Rhodesia) in the late 1800's. Hunters on horseback would use the ridgebacks to help track and subdue lions, hence the dogs' other name: African lion hound. The hair on the middle of their backs runs the opposite way, giving them the "ridge." These dogs live with Vicky (Val's sister), her husband, Tom, and her son, Lucas, in northern Wisconsin. Unlike Frisky, they are purebred, with real pedigrees, and most are champions and well-behaved.

Pictured above is Lani on one of her many outings into the wilds of Wisconsin. These dogs are much more business-like than Frisky, doing their various chores without complaint, such as seriously guarding the flower beds from invaders, like bees and butterflies. Below is T.

T also works hard in the show ring, performing in conformation, agility, coursing, and obedience. Here he demonstrates the "weave."

Always showing great concentration and giving his full attention to Vicky, his handler, here T checks out those cute babes in the audience while performing "stay." He's so good at this, he could do it blindfolded (both the obedience and the lady-watching).

The ridge on their back is of utmost importance to their look in the show-ring. At left is a view of Floyd's perfectly formed ridge. The two whorls that the hair forms on either side are called "crowns."

Lani is pictured at right above, looking sweet and innocent, which she usually was, being a very good dog. She was also a very good mother and here are some of her puppies.

Taking care of their own babies or human ones, helping with the babysitting is one more way that the dogs earn their keep. Here, Tentha, at 8 months old, entertains Lucas with a game they can both understand.

Big dogs sometimes need big toys, like a whole jungle gym to play on. The dogs love to romp where they have enough room to stretch those long legs and get rid of all that excess energy. During the winter, they enjoy pulling a sled through the snow.

The ridgebacks also like to travel, going all over the country to shows, or going on vacations with their human family. Here, T and Lani are ready for canoeing in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, complete with approved personal flotation devices for safety.

Like many dogs, Rhodesian ridgebacks have a well-developed sense of humor, as illustrated by the mischievous Chief surreptitiously performing this amusing impression of Tom's dad, Warren.

Although they seem to have boundless energy, the dogs tire out eventually and just want to relax. This is Floyd taking it easy.

If they curl up enough, there is room for two on the couch, here Chief and T.

But if one wants to really stretch out, as Shine demonstrates, that takes the entire sofa.

These Rhodesian ridgebacks are members of the Ngwazi Kennel and have their own website.

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