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To Frisky Pepper Tornado Rex:

When we brought you home from the pound, we had no idea how much we'd come to love you.

Sure, you were cute, but the personality that emerged as you grew older exceeded our expectations.

Not only did you become a beautiful mutt, but you suited our lifestyle in every way.

You loved camping and hiking as much as we do, and your delight in nature made our own experience all the more colorful.

From the mountains of Colorado to the shores of Lake Superior and the Gulf of Mexico, your optimistic companionship was a welcome addition to our adventures.

We couldn't help but empathize with your curiosity about everything,

admire the pride you took in your accomplishments,

and laugh at your antics.

Your unlimited energy for pointless activity added a whole new dimension to play.

Your desire to explore made us more aware of the possibilities in even the most mundane areas.

We were deeply gratified every time you showed the naive and genuine appreciation of gifts that only a dog can experience.

Even your sarcastic comments about our first attempts at digital photography elicited a smile.

You entertained us with your unique musical talents,

and amazed us with your athletic feats.

Christmases and other holidays were all the more joyous for your participation.

You showed infinite patience in playing our simple games

and indulged our whims.

Your presence on hundreds of brisk walks made our exercise rituals far more palatable.

You graced our Home Page from its inception and you inspired some of our best creative efforts.

It was hard to part company after 14 years, but now you are on your own.

We were sad to see you go and we miss you, dear Frisky.

A Dog's Life / Home Page / Frisky's Section