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As a puppy, Frisky was not at all rambunctious, but rather quiet and timid. She was wisely frightened by large shadows from overhead (vultures, airplanes, etc.) since she was raptor-prey sized, and spent much of her time looking vulnerable and therefore effectively soliciting our protection.

Frisky in a natural hairstyle. Note that she is rather shaggy, requiring haircuts every few months to stay looking as sleek as the photo on the home page. She enjoys her haircuts and generally sleeps through them as we are the ones that have to do the work.

Frequent brushings are also necessary, especially after a walk through natural settings, where she tends to collect various items in her hair, such as seeds, burrs, sticks, mud, and small arthropods.

A demonstration of one of Frisky's many athletic abilities. She likes to amuse her audience, and antics like this can't help but bring on the smiles.

Not all of her talents lie in the area of entertainment. As illustrated here, she is a tireless worker in more mundane tasks, such as landscaping.

Frisky is quite the environmental activist and, in addition to watering and fertilizing the vegetation on walks, she participates in events such as river cleanups.

Frisky enjoys travel and often takes early morning walks to enjoy the cool temperatures, picturesque sunrises, and wildlife sightings.

This photo was taken near the peak of one of many mountains that Frisky has climbed in Colorado, where she enjoys camping and playing in the snow.

While visiting a ranch in Texas, she made use of the swimming facilities in the livestock pond.

On her many travels, Frisky often takes time to explore areas off the beaten path, and usually too small for the average person, such as the interior of a dead tree.

Just as Frisky works hard, so does she play hard. Here she cavorts on a desolate beach on the Texas coast.

After any long day of work, play and/or travel, Frisky likes nothing better than to unwind on a comfortable bed.

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