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We bought Frisky from the Humane Society when she was barely six weeks old. She and a brother had been dropped off (probably by a careless breeder who intended to produce only Schnauzers or Scotties) shortly before we discovered her.

Her name originally being listed as "Marie," we immediately chose a new one: Frisky Pepper Tornado Rex, which had nothing to do with her personality at the time.

Since she was so young, we had to help her get used to eating from a bowl without falling in, teach her where to do her toilet duties, and also introduce her to the concept of play.

Frisky was very affectionate and showed an early talent for licking everything. She loved to lick faces but, being rather small, could only reach those that happened to be on the floor.

She would try any body part that was within the reach of her little tongue; here, she samples Larry's hand.

She eventually determined that the best tasting part of a human is their foot. Perhaps a combination of easy access and actual flavor led her to this conclusion.

Frisky eventually became less timid and started being more curious than scared of everything around her. She always takes a keen interest in other animals.

We played with her, and (sort of) trained her, and even took her on excursions. Here she enjoys the sights in San Antonio.

While she was acquiring her adult teeth, Frisky discovered the joys of chewing. She manages to chew on toys without really destroying them (except for rawhide, which she considers to be one of the major food groups) and this continues to be one of her favorite forms of solitary play.

As Frisky grew in size and confidence, she discovered more things that entertain her. Gift giving is a major event and she loves to open presents. She also likes playing with the paper.

By the time she was two thirds grown, she had the personality and looks (if not the pedigree) of a champion.

Frisky's Baby Pictures / Home Page / Frisky's Section