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Frisky would like you to meet one of her youngest friends, Amos Bear Paw, a Jack Russell Terrier. He's the one on the right.

When faced with the decision of which puppy to choose, Steve almost went with the dog on the left, since it was already housebroken and generally very well-behaved, but his daughter, Naomi, pointed out that a REAL dog would probably be more rewarding in general.

Amos now lives with Steve and Connie on their 5-acre estate in central Texas.

The first thing Amos did when he found out that he was the chosen one was to proclaim his dominance over his inanimate sibling. He would next have to sort things out with the already established dominant dog, Gertie.

Gertie is another fine example of canine breeding, being brave when it comes to protecting their property from intruders like snakes and coyotes, yet gentle and affectionate when dealing with an energetic, but inexperienced pup.

A little background information is in order. Connie and Steve's previous prized pup, Gus, Amos' honorary Great Uncle, grew into a robust, fearless, intelligent, and heroic master of his realm.

Gus' daily rounds, while he roamed the earth, always took him first and last to the shores of the big pond on their property, where he enthusiastically guarded their place from the encroachment of numerous turtles who attempted to move in on Gus' territory. No turtle, regardless of size, was safe from Gus' jaws. He became an expert and devoted turtle hunter! Naturally, his favorite stuffed toy was also a turtle. Gus loved to lie on Connie's stomach, which Connie liked as well. Gus died, in a tragic natural mishap, shortly before Amos was born.

Now Amos, only a few weeks old, has shown a keen interest in the toy turtle, in preference over all the other playthings, no doubt in preparation for the time when he will be big enough to tackle the real reptiles. On the more tender side, he also enjoys reclining on Connie's stomach.

Frisky is convinced that the photo above shows Amos getting a "flea check." However, Amos doesn't have any fleas and was merely playing with his human housemate, while an interested Gertie looks on.

Another enjoyable puppy game is tug-of-war, at which Amos is already quite adept.

Gertie has to patiently watch as the rather clumsy little pup learns how to control his huge feet (hence his name, Bear Paw). Here, she watches in mild disgust, as Amos awkwardly steps right into what looks like an unsavory deposit on the floor.

After expending all that youthful energy, any little puppy needs a good nap. Here Amos dozes next to his beloved toy turtle.

For more information on Jack Russell Terriers, see "Wishbone," "My Dog Skip," and The Jack Russell Terrier Association of America.
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