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Blattodea ~ Cockroaches

Although familiar to many people, cockroaches may sometimes be mistaken for beetles or true bugs.

Both adults and nymphs of this order have chewing mouthparts. They feed on just about anything even remotely edible.

Some cockroaches are wingless, but many have wings that are folded over their back much like those of true bugs. The first pair of the four wings tend to be flattened and act like those of beetles in protecting the second pair which is sort of pleated underneath.

Cockroaches develop through simple, or incomplete, metamorphosis: the nymphs resemble adults and may take up to a dozen molts before reaching maturity. Nymphs and adults may often be found together.

Size is medium to large. Adults may be nearly 50 mm long but most are just around 25 mm in length.

This order is not particularly difficult for identifying species, but most people are so disgusted by these insects that they just try to ignore (or squash) them.

These are the Families of Blattodea (cockroaches) likely to be encountered in Austin, Texas:


[wood roaches, etc.]


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